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The Power of Listening (Skills all Leaders Need)

Did you know Listening skills is the most used communication skill but the least developed?Don’t believe me?​ Time Spent In The Communication Process:Research from Ohio State University shows that the amount of time we spend on different parts of the communication process is divided as the chart on your left.If listening is critical in effective […]

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Leadership Development, Is It a Waste of Time?

Leadership Development… is it worth the time spent trying to improve your current frontline leaders?Believe it or not there’s a debate on this topic.​In fact, I want to share something that happened to me recently regarding this specific topic.But first let me give you some background so this all makes a little sense.​ Start Here […]

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Leadership Webinar Series

Learn tactics, ideas, and solutions to common Leadership challenges. This Your Chance To Learn More About Effective Leadership, Traits of a Strong Leader, and Leadership Strengths The Will Help You In Your Career!