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Leadership is simply, the ability to influence the outcome.  Having this skill makes you indefensible.  Organizations are always looking for those that have the ability to get things done.  Additionally, those that can do it with the support of their teams will have a long and more prosperous life.  

MyLeadershipSuccess.com is designed to help you learn, understand and utilize these skills to help you with your goals.  Since you are interested, you can learn more about both Joe and Greg - the individuals behind MyLeadershipSuccess.com

Joe GuiderSenior Consultant

For 35 years, Joe Guider has contributed to the mission of business and educational organizations to optimize their current operations and to plan for sustained growth in the future. He has worked for manufacturers, service providers, consulting firms and higher education institutions. He founded several businesses and remains active in the quest to encourage companies of all sizes to embrace the combination of effective business execution with principles of ethics, learning and whole-company engagement.

Joe also presents at conferences and corporate performance and leadership workshops. He is a contributing writer to this site as well as other leadership websites and organizations. He is a standing member of the Association for Talent Development.

In addition to his current efforts in the field of corporate talent development, Joe teaches macroeconomics and microeconomics at one of New Jersey's premier universities.​

Greg MearesSenior Consultant

As a Senior Consultant, Greg Meares has more than 23 years’ experience in the Business Process Outsourcing, Business Process Reengineering and Customer Service industries. His hands-on approach to business has improved results for major BPO/Contact Center organizations in the financial services / insurance, transportation, technology, education and retail industries, domestically as well as internationally.

Without a doubt, this achievement has been realized, in part, because Greg understands that execution comes from effective leadership, therefore, building this skill with your leaders is paramount.

Greg’s career experience has also included technology implementation, performance and change management as well as business process improvements and transformational changes in both sales and service organizations.

His primary focus has been on leadership development and performance management of major Fortune 500 clients. In addition, he has also focused on reducing turn-around time, containing costs and increasing profitability as well as improving inbound sales and customer experience for clients, customers and organizations.​

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